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Sarah Cheng-De Winne

Sarah Cheng-De Winne is a freelance photographer-artist specializes in portraiture, fashion and conceptual photography and keen to discover new ways of representing identities through photography.

Alex Prager

Cinematic and darkly playful The Big Valley is a series of highly saturated staged portraits by Los Angeles based artist, Alex Prager.

Simon Powell

Working mainly with models, Simon is renowned for his ease of style and real approach to commissions. He is passionate about his work and brings much more to shoots than just a photograph.

Richard Avedon

1. Black and White
2. Art
3. This picture shows the similarities and differences of the elephants and the models.

Sebastiao Salgado

1. Documentary
2. Black and White
3. Sorrow
4. My eyes first look at the boy in front then move to the farther person and up to the tall parent.

Jim Brandenberg National Geographic

1. Documentary
2. Texture
3. Sorrow

Minor White

1. Shadow
2. Art
3. Black and White

Edward Weston, Photos of the Pepper

1. Light
2. Shadow
3. Art
4. Intrigue

Anne Geddes

1. Art
2. Contrast
3. Black and White

Lois Greenfield

1. Movement
2. This photograph portrays a message of movement and dance.
3. Film Speed

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ansel Adams, Moonrise Hernandez, New Mexico

1. Art
2. Black and White
3. My eyes first look at the white moon, then move to the horizon line.

Man Ray

1. The emotion this photograph portrays in power.
2. Black and White
3. This picture could convey a message about the woman. And her strengths.

Lee Friedlander, Self Portrait

1. Shadow
2. Art
3. This photo represents a moment in time, and shows where he was and maybe will be.

Gordon Parks

1. Art
2. Light
3. Intrigue, because the shadow on her face makes you want to see the rest of her.

Edward Curtis

1. This picture is definitely art.
2. I think the intent of this photograph was emotion.
3. Texture and Black and White
4. Peacefulness

Dorothea Lange

1. Art
2. Black and White
3. Intrigue

Annie Liebowitz

1. Art
2. This photograph captures this man's old age and wisdom.
3. Texture
4. Intrigue

Walker Evans

1. Art
2. I think it conveys the emotion of loneliness.
3. Black and White
4. Sorrow

Jim Brandenburg

1. Art
2. The message it conveys an emotion of dreaming and beauty.
3. Color and Texture
4. The first thing I looked at is the horses' eye. Then my eyes moved around and looked at the cloud then from the ear down the neck of the horse.
5. Empathy
6. 35mm
7. Digital

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Design Workbook- Principles of Design

Repetition- This picture is repitition because it shows duplicates of a symetrical image.
Movement- This picture shows movement because this picture could be a snapshot of two people dancing.
Variety- This picture shows variety becasue of all the different colors and shapes.
Rhythm- This picture is rhythm because it creates order from the black lines and different size squares.
Pattern- This picture shows pattern because the red image is a repetitive theme.
Contrast- This picture shows contrast because of how the dark colors bring out the yellow line.
Emphasis- This picture is emphasis because it shows a center of interest.
Unity- This picture shows unity through repetition and pattern.
Balance- This picture shows balance because of the equal visual weight of elements.