Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Design Workbook- Principles of Design

Repetition- This picture is repitition because it shows duplicates of a symetrical image.
Movement- This picture shows movement because this picture could be a snapshot of two people dancing.
Variety- This picture shows variety becasue of all the different colors and shapes.
Rhythm- This picture is rhythm because it creates order from the black lines and different size squares.
Pattern- This picture shows pattern because the red image is a repetitive theme.
Contrast- This picture shows contrast because of how the dark colors bring out the yellow line.
Emphasis- This picture is emphasis because it shows a center of interest.
Unity- This picture shows unity through repetition and pattern.
Balance- This picture shows balance because of the equal visual weight of elements.

Design Workbook- Elements of Design

Space- This picture is space because it shows two dimensions, height and width.
Color- This picture is color because it shows a variety of colors and still allows you to focus on the main parts of the picture.
Value- This picture shows value because it has very light color and shows contrast.
Texture- This picture shows texture because if you imagine touching it, it would feel rough.
Shape- This picture shows shape because it has negative and positve space in the picture along with color and line.
Form-This picture is form because it shows 3D and has lightness and darkness.

Line- This picture shows line because it shows the path of a point. In this case the line is soft and light.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009